A significant part of the knowledge generated at the institutions of the ETH Domain has a high technology readiness level and enters the market via spin-offs of the ETH Domain.

Our website, SPIED:

  • addresses potential investors by providing information about investment opportunities in ETH Domain spin-offs,
  • provides a searchable overview on ETH Domain spin-offs and links to the individual company home pages,
  • increases the overall visibility of ETH Domain spin-offs.

The SPIED website consolidates spin-off information that is available at the individual spin-off’s parent institutions of the ETH Domain. Spin-offs are invited to supplement further information on a voluntary basis.

An ETH Domain spin-off is a company that is based on intellectual property generated in an ETH Domain institution and is founded by ETH Domain staff or students based on their activity in their institution. The company has to be based on a sound and sustainable business idea / business plan.


The institutions of the ETH Domain cannot guarantee that information on the SPIED website is complete, up-to-date and correct. They are not responsible for content that has been provided by the spin-offs, or for lack of information.